Immigration Celebration - Part 1

First in a series of exhibits that speaks to the positive cultural impact that immigrant artists make to the city of Los Angeles, featuring artists who have brought beauty and dynamic art  to our lives, influenced by their homelands and their personal journeys.

Abstraction – the Power to Move

The first exhibit features 8 artists whose work and life experiences have led them to create abstract works of beauty and power, emotion and intensity, showing how art can have the power to move you, emotionally, to a different state of mind.

This exhibit features two rooms of work:

The Zen Zone features 4 artists with contemplative work meant to relax and bring a sense of calm and peace to your space. The artwork is minimal and sophisticated, textural and  inviting. With options in both small and large scale, it is perfect for bedrooms, contemporary living rooms, restaurants, or anywhere you want to chill and hang out. This room includes painting and contemporary plexiglass sculpture. Artists featured: Clara Berta (Hungary), Miguel Osuna (Mexico), Campbell Laird (Tasmania), Seda Saar (Iran).

The High Octane Room features art that is dynamic, energizing, with bold brush strokes, invigorating color combinations and cutting edge toechnology.  Powerful and potent, it is perfectly suited for boardrooms, lobbies, nightclubs, or anywhere you need excitement or a punch of color. Featiring Laurent Proneur (France), Olympio (Togo West Africa), Bert Esenherz (Germany), and and Matteo (Canada).

The exhibit closes on March 30th, with a “ Last Look” from 7-10PM. 

New exhibit opening on April 6th, 7-10 pm. Immigration Celebration -Part 2 - Stories: Past, Present and Future,  featuring figurative work, contemporary impressionist portraits, surrealism, photography, and bronze sculpture.

The Laurent Proneur Gallery, 1229 North Highland Ave, LA , CA 90038